Back Pain Relief Devices

Back Pain Relief Devices

Back pain relief devices can help give relief from the pain and help aide in correcting the condition that caused the pain to begin with.

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Here at we look deep into the devices that put a modern twist on ancient pain relief techniques. It was known thousands of years ago that decompressing the spine could relieve pain and allow for healing. In modern times, we have invented devices and techniques that allow easy and convenient access to these ancient healing secrets.

But Which of the Back Pain Relief Devices is Right for You?

That’s were we come in. We give you insight into these devices by compiling the facts about the device and how it works into a product guide. We dig into and profile the company that makes it,  bring together actual user feedback about the device by putting together consumer and user comments from across the web, display relevant videos explaining the device, then give our own report about the back pain relief devices using a bottom line up front approach.   In essence, we do all the hard research to ease your decision.


TENS Unit Reviews

A Twin Stim 3.

Understanding what TENS units are and how they work is key to being able to get the most benefit from TENS unit therapy. Our TENS unit reviews page contains a comprehensive overview of TENS functionality as well as  configuration for best placement of electrodes. We also look at some of the best TENS units on the market and rate them according to actual user feed back. Read more about TENS units here.

Product Guides

Far Infrared Heating Pads

Most instances of low back pain derive from strains as well as over-exertions, producing stress within the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the lower spine. Consequently, this limits good blood circulation and transmits pain signals to the brain. Muscle spasm in the small of the back can cause sensations which will vary from minor discomfort to agonizing low back pain.

Heat therapy using far infrared heating pads allows for stretching the soft tissues about the spine, which includes muscles, connective tissue, and adhesion.

Many people rely on back pain relief devices known as Inversion Tables to help them to find the relief that they need from back pain.

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