Tens Unit Reviews

TENS Unit Reviews

Most of us are blissfully ignorant of TENS Units when our Doctor/Chiropractor first prescribes one for treatment. It's for this reason that my TENS Unit reviews focus on TENS units that come as part of a portable kit. Purchasing a kit will enable you to have everything you need to start treatment right away.

Get the details you need to know about TENS Units. Our reviews go in depth to highlight the pros and cons of each product. Here are the TENS units we have rated on our site.

Our Picks As Best Portable TENS:

Current Solutions InTENSity TwinStim III Unit

Our Top Pick:

Twin Stim 3 Digital Tens And Ems Combo

This unit is truly the most powerful for the price.


  • Powerful 105mA Intensity
  • Blue light LCD screen is bright and easy to read
  • Easy to use digital controls
  • Includes A/C adaptor, battery, lead wires and pads
  • Moderate to low price.


  • No carry case included

 Customer Service: Medex supply has a reputation which is superior.

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Current Solutions TwinStim 2nd Edition Digital TENS & EMS Combo

The Best Value Pick:

Current Solutions Twin Stim 2nd Edition

A Quality personal TENS unit loaded with features to match virtually all treatment protocols


  • 5 TENS modes + 2 EMS modes
  • Up to 4 electrodes
  • Kit includes Lead wires, Electrodes, 9v battery, carry case
  • highly portable


  • It's many treatment mode combinations can be confusing
  • Smaller screen is harder to read

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LG Elite image and Rating break down

 LG-TEC Elite Dual Combo

Our review of the LG-TEC elite highlighted a true gem of a product

The Pros:

  • Large easy to read LED display
  • Big easy to understand controls
  • AC power supply as well as batteries
  • Tough durable carry case
  • Included the first set of electrodes


  • A built in battery charger would be great
  • No way to switch off audible tones for buttons - annoying
  • Pricey

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Exploded view of the LG 8TM Dual Combo TENS Unit kit


LG 8TM Dual Combo TENS Unit

I like this small highly portable unit for several reasons

The Pros:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • LG Medical is a proven supplier with 98% positive feedback
  • The seller offers a great deal with extra needed supplies provided at no additional cost
  • Provides pretty much any digital feature you could want in a programmable device

The Cons:

  • I could find no customer reviews of this product
  • pricy

I gave it a tentative 4 stars due to it's lack of performance feedback. As time goes by more info will surface about this unit.

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TENS Unit Supplies

4 2x2 square tens unit electrodes

Best Deals on

TENS Unit Electrodes


Image of a Body Champ IT8070

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table



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