Inversion Tables Reviews

Inversion Tables Reviews

Inversion tables are utilized by 1000's of individuals to assist them to relieve their back discomfort. You will find many styles in addition to models that are around. Based upon your personal preferance, it is simple to obtain an inversion table. Inversion tables could be bought from merchants on the web or you may want to pick one up from the store. Please consider all of the features prior tomaking a choice. Our inversion table reviews can help you compare and decide.

Reviews of Inversion Tables

An image of the Body Champ IT8070 inversion table.

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table

Cost: Priced around $99.98 on Amazon and free shipping available. Check the Price Now

Product Features: With the exception of a padded back rest and large handles this inversion table has the same basic features as most low end tables on the market today. The manufacturing quality is very good and it comes with assembly instructions that are easy to follow.

Customer Service: Sold by Amazon a top internet retailer with a good reputation for customer service. Returns are easy but I recommend reading their policy all the way through before you buy. 

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Cost: Rating level 5
Product Features: Product Features Rating 4
Customer Service: Customer Service Rating Level 5

A women demonstrates the Hang Ups EP 550

Hang Ups EP 550

Cost: Priced around $299 on Amazon and eligable for free shipping. Check the Price Now

Product Features: Same basic features of other low end inversion tables but with improvements in leg design to give better stability. Back rest also flexes to make stretches easier.

Customer Service:  Superior customer service with this Amazon sold product. Damaged and defective items are easily returned. Please read their policy of returns prior to purchase so that you are familure with what can and can not be returned.

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Cost: Cost rating of 4
Product Features: Poduct features rating of 4
Customer Service: Customer Service Rating Level 5


Inversion Table Benefits

A few of the benefits of an inversion table are that it reduces back discomfort in addition to helping you relieve the strain in the back muscles. The circulation within the body improves as well as enhancing flexibility int the muscles along with the joints. You should also check out the warranty duration of an inversion table when purchasing it. A lot of companies offer up to five year warranties. Keep in mind that quality brands offer great customer service.
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