Tens 7000

Tens 7000

from Medex Supply

TENS 7000 Description

The TENS 7000 is a digital TENS unit that provides a powerful 100mA intensity available through 2 channels and 5 treatment modes. This products best features include:

  • Flip open saftey cover for controls
  • Large easy to use buttons
  • Large easy to read LCD screen
  • Light, compact design carries easily

This product comes as a ready to use kit which includes electrodes and a battery.

TENS 7000 Details

Cost:  Priced at $36.38 from Medex Supply.  I was surprised to find a TENS unit with these features for a price this low. PayPal is accepted.

Product: The TENS 7000 is a really nice unit with two channels, 5 modes and even comes with a nice rigid carrying case.

Tens 7000 work as advertised, no issues with operation of the product. The instructions are simple and easy to understand. I love the design which places the wire inputs at the top rather than the side and has a nice flip top cover for the power and intensity settings. You can easily monitor your adjustments by looking at the large easy to read digital display which continuously displays them.

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What Do People Who have Used the TENS 7000 Say?

User Reviews Excerpted from Amazon.com

Puts the other unit to shame and was $15 less.


The unit works great and you get fast results from the first day.


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