Lg Tec Elite Dual Combo

Lg Tec Elite Dual Combo

from LG Med Supply

If you could imagine the Cadillac of portable TENS this is what you would see. The LG-TEC Elite is one of the most powerful personal TENS units available, capable of delivering a 105 milli-amp jolt if it is needed. Fully portable and practical, it has pretty much every feature you would want or need in a TENS.


What Does the LG-TEC Elite Have to Offer?

The LG-TEC Elite has the following Features:The LG-TEC Elite kit

  • This is a Dual Combo Unit - That is to say it combines a TENS unit with an EMS (electric muscle stimulator)
  • It has a Dual Channel output - That means it can handle 4 electrodes, 2 for each channel
  • Large, easy to read LCD display for keeping track of settings
  • Large, easy to use buttons clearly labled
  • Instruction manual included
  • Set of re-usable electrodes are included
  • Nifty carry case to keep everything together

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Product Research

So far the LG-TEC Elite is well received with high customer satisfaction. Complaints are few with the most falling to the beeping sound made when a button is pushed. Some customers are annoyed by this but that's what it's supposed to do, right? An audible warning that an adjustment is being made will help you catch accidental adjustments as they happen.


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