Fuego Tens Unit

Fuego Tens Unit

from Koalaty Products

Fuego Tens Unit and Heat Combo Treatment

Ahhh, the pain relieving power of heat. Heat has been use for centuries as a method for relieving pain and I'm liking the idea of combining it with the relatively new therapy of TENS. This heat /TENS combo is a very effectivea Fuego TENS unit and four heat/electrode pads and highly targeted. The electrodes and heat pads are together in the same place for on the spot application.

As with other TENS units, the Fuego provides multiple channels so that you may treat seperate areas at the same time and in differing ways. For example you may wish to treat a shoulder and lower back at the same time. The Fuego TENS with heat handles this situation well providing independent control for each area you are treating.

The Fuego can be operated using 3 AAA batteries. However, as you might expect, the heat feature will eat up a set of batteries very quickly. So if you wish to use the heat then you would need to use the AC adaptor Included or have multiple sets of rechargeable AAA's standing by.

This TENS Unit has several saftey features built in. Firstly, it has easy one touch turn off. If for any reason you need the unit to be off, just touch the button one time and it's off. Second, since this unit is using heating elements, it senses the temperature of your skin and if it reaches 114 degrees then the unit automatically switches off the heat. Saving you from a burn.

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The Fuego TENS Unit with Heat  - The Good and Bad

So what's the bottom line?


  • Provides a unique combination of two very effective therapies, heat and TENS
  • Delivers it's unique combination of therapies using the multi channel functionality of a TENS unit
  • Has built in safety features to protect you from burns and quick escape should you make a mistake with settings


  • This unit is a battery hog, though I have to admit they last longer than I expected

The short battery life is the reason for the 4 star rating. Other than that it's a great product as is being born out in customer reviews.

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