Trigger Point Self Treatment System

Trigger Point Self Treatment System

from Healthy Back Institute

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The Trigger Point Therapy System is a complete kit for self care, treating your own body. It is simple to The Complete Trigger point self treatment systemuse and comes with a video to explain the exact procedure. Included is a treatment platform with rubber plugs that are used to remove the muscle knots without any pulling or pain. This system can be used without the assistance from another person. You simply place the pegs in the holes of the platform and lie down on the platform. Clearly this is designed to reach the trigger points that a person cannot reach on their own. The trigger points on the back muscles are the most common source of pain and this area of treatment will be a life changing experience for so many people.

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Trigger Point Self Treatment System Overview

The Fenix trigger point reviews as well as the Fenix Trigger Point reviews have been very positive for several reasons. The first is that it works, and the second is that it saves a lot of money on doctor and physical therapists bills; and for many people, it has saved money on medication. People have been able to reduce and sometimes stop using pain relief drugs altogether. Not being on strong medication has improved people's lives, allowing them to experience more in life.

It should be first understood what trigger points are and how they relate to pain. Anytime you use your muscles strenuously, to the point where they are strained or injured, there is the potential to develop a knot in the muscle. These knots are hardened areas of the muscles that will induce pain in the body. Everybody will have these trigger points from time to time, but for many people, the condition becomes chronic.

This area of study is not supernatural. When John F. Kennedy was president of the United States, he had a doctor that not only treated his pain with trigger point therapy, but this same doctor also wrote the first manual on the topic. Many medical doctors that are aware of trigger points are often dismissive of it, but only because there has been an association with trigger points and acupuncture. It is the latter therapy the medical community refuses to embrace.

Getting treatment for this condition is difficult, because so few people are trained in this type of therapy. A massage therapist may be able to work out the knots of the muscles, but it will only be a random event as the masseuse will not know specifically where to apply the massage. Eventually this might work, but a person would have to spend a fortune on massages. Similar treatments, such as seeing a chiropractor may also be effective, but only with luck and lots of money. Add to this, that finding these trigger points is difficult, even with training, they are often hard to locate. The source of the pain is not necessarily the location of the trigger point.

The great news is that you can find trigger points yourself and work to eliminate them, thereby reducing or even eliminating your pain. The Fenix System can be purchased online and delivered right to our door.

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