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Nubax Trio Traction Device Review

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Nubax Trio Traction Device Description

Nubax Trio Traction Device - an Alternative to Inversion Table Theropy, Nubax trio allows you to enjoy the benefitsNubax Trio logo photo with link to e-Commerce site. of spinal decompression at home. Light weight and portable, it is easily moved for storage when not in use.

  • Easy to use, requires just 2 to 3 minutes a day
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and fully portable
  • It's compact size makes it easy to store
  • Designed for use by a wide variety of body shapes
  • You are in complete control of how much traction is applied

Nubax Trio Traction Device Details

Cost: Priced at $299 on Healthy Back Institute (HBI) as well as Amazon. Free shipping is available from both but limited to the continental United States. HBI offers the Nubax to Canadian residents.

Product: Nubax Trio achieves decompression through traction rather than inversion so that you don't need to worry about vertigo or any unwanted side effects of hanging upside down. Just kneel in the Nubax device and lean forward. Gravity will take over gently creating traction and decompressing your spine.

Customer Service: HBI handles hundreds of orders each week. They give no customer service statistics however I did find some complaints registered at the Better Business Bureau. Specifically 25 over the last 3 years. Three of those were related to products. The rest pertained to billing and sales. I was not able to find any other complaints.

I would have to say this indicates that HBI has a very good relationship with their customers.

How Does the Nubax Trio Traction Device Work?


Consumer Feedback

The overwhelming consensus is that the Nubax Trio is a wonderful device, well worth the money. The majority of customer feedback reviews award 5 out of 5 stars and speak of genuine appreciation of the product.
Many of the people who have actually used the Nubax have reported that using the device as recommended by the company does deliver the relief that they were seeking.

...I would recommend Nubax to anyone who needs relief from back pain. One word of caution... if you have any shoulder problems it could cause discomfort...excerpt from

...had lower back troubles (bulged discs L4-L5, L5-S1) that with regular Chiro treatment and daily nubax use have allowed me to return to Ironman triathlon training...excerpt from

...had my Nubax for 3-4 months, and use it every couple of days...excerpt from

Where to Buy a Nubax Trio Traction Device

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