Far Infrared Heating Pads For Back Pain

Far Infrared Heating Pads

from Therasage

Far Infrared Heating Pads

Infrared heating pads are a fairly unique variation on the old idea of electric heating pads. The main difference being that infrared pads use infrared light to transmit the heat to your body. This to me feels like a far more effective way to use heat to bring pain relief because, infrared light penetrates better and so the heat penetrates better than an electric element heating up a pad and depending on skin contact to transfer the heat.

The Far Infrared Heating Pads Features:

  • Three models offered - Small 12" X 18", Medium 21" x 30", Large 25" x 76" 
  • Natural jade stones for efficient heat transfer and penetration
  • Negetive ion theropy
  • 1 year warrenty

All pads come with a 12' card, can adjust to a temperature range of 40 to 45 degrees C (104-113 F) and feature automatic shut off programable from 15 min to 4 hours.


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