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Bottom Line Up Front: If you purchase a BackJoy, do read fully all material supplied with the device. It doesn't take long and will ensure you are using it correctly. Using it correctly is the key to getting the benefits from your BackJoy. When used correctly you have a very good chance of seeing some real relief.

If you spend much of your day in front of a computer like I do, you’ve probably felt that nagging back or neck discomfort. Or maybe you’re like some people who feel so much pain, they can only endure sitting for short periods.

Either way, back discomfort keeps you from focusing on work – or even enjoying watching a movie from your couch or favorite chair. You work so hard to take care of your back, it’s hard to watch all your progress slip away sitting in a chair.

Just like there are shoe orthotics to correct your standing posture – and help tackle pain – there’s now a revolutionary orthotic for sitting. It’s called the “BackJoy”. Unlike a back cushion, BackJoy is an easy-to-use, firmly molded support that works on any type of chair (or soft couch!) to quickly align your sitting posture.

If you think about what happens to your back when you sit down, you’ll realize how powerful this is. Sitting and leaning forward to work at your desk or computer results in a 150% increase in pressure on your discs over standing. This pressure compresses discs and can cause pain due to trapped nerves.

When you use the BackJoy, your pelvis gently tilts forward. This creates a neutral position for your spine and erases much of that unwanted pressure. Now your weight bearing bones – the ones that are supposed to be supporting your weight when you sit – take over and relieve pressure and strain from your spine’s muscles and ligaments. The end result is a perfectly aligned spine without muscle tension and stress.

Your overall health can benefit greatly just from correcting your posture.

Product Research

Who is BackJoy work best suited for?

It works best for individuals weighing 118 to 285 pounds. With no straps or buckles, this small, lightweight device simply cradles the 4 to 5 inch space around the two sitting bones at the base of your pelvis. Regardless of size, BackJoy floats your spinal system in natural cushioning, protecting against compression while actively engaging your core.

See if you don’t agree with me that BackJoy improves your life. Stop the pain and discomfort that come with sitting and poor posture, no matter where you sit. Driving your car, sitting in front of your computer, or anywhere at home, BackJoy can bring lasting relief and promote healing.

What are the Benefits of using a Back Joy?

Here is a list of the benefits you can expect from using the Back Joy

What conditions can be relieved by using a Back Joy?

The BackJoy is designed to relieve discomfort from many conditions. Here is a short list:

Consumer Feedback

30 days after I bought this, and I'm still getting used to it but I definitely feel the difference...excerpt from did help with the spinal discomfort, that was replaced by sit bone discomfort...excerpt from

...product's website had "reviews" from people with similar or the same medical conditions as I have telling me how great it is. Fibromyalgia, Ischium problems, S.I. Joint problems, etc.It arrived, and I used it immediately. I noticed absolutely NO difference in how I sat...excerpt from

i have been struggling with back issues for a long time. I found the BACK JOY to be worthless. The BACK JOY did my back a huge disservice...excerpt from


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