Therasage Rx Rechargeable Healing Belt

Therasage Rx Rechargeable Healing Belt

from Therasage

Therasage Rechargeable Healing Belt

Having the pain relief of far infrared heat therapy while remaining mobile has been an unobtainable dream for most back pain sufferers. Not any longer. The Therasage RX Rechargeable Healing Belt has made heat therapy on the go a convenient reality.

Astonishingly, just 15 minutes of charge time will get you up to 4 hours of heat theropy while you go about you daily routine. Whether it's work, shopping or other errands, the Therasage healing belt goes with. You can even recharge it over your break time.

No need to worry about whether it will fit either. This belt is a one size fits all product. The Therasage Rechargable Healing Belt is a little bulky but still able to wear under a shirt if you want to keep it out-a-sight.

In case you aren't familure with far infrared heat, far infrared refers to a light generated by heat, that can penetrate the upper layers of skin and fat to reach muscle and connective tissue. This helps to deliver heat to the area its needed, not just the surface of your body. At least that how the theory goes and I agree that far infrared does a better job.

Consumers who have reviewed this product are very pleased so far, sighting it's ability to maintain a constant temperature that is "just right".


Therasage Healing Belt - In a Nut Shell

Lets Review the facts and get a consensus of how this product stacks up.


  • One size fits all
  • 15 minute recharge time
  • 4 hours of relief
  • Wear it on the go, can take any where


  • Price is a little high
  • Can be a bit bulky so maybe hard to hide

Taken together the pros far out weigh the cons for convienence and mobility. If heat is what your Doctor prescribes to treat your back pain and you need to stay mobile, then the Therasage Rx Rechargeable Healing Belt is right up your alley.


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