Therasage Rx 8000s

Therasage Rx 8000s

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Therasage Rx 8000s

What is this back pain device?A Therasage Rx 8000s

The Therasage Rx 8000s is the only full length massage bed on the market that offers:

  • 60 inches of uninterupted contact
  • Single frame construction
  • 9 Jade massage rollers delivering far infrared heat to 14 contact points
  • Your choice of smooth, shiatsu and revitalizing massage
  • Combines the therapeutic arts of Chiropractic, Accupressure, Far Infrared Heat and Massage


What Can The Therasage Rx 8000s Do For You?

Many people are talking about the new therasage rx 8000s because it is the only massage bed that is currently available that can actually provide your entire body with a massage. That is a complete massage from your neck to your legs. You won't have to worry about EMF waves because these beds are filtered. You will also really appreciate the heat strips that are far-infrared. They line the outer portion of the bed and can get as deep as 3 inches into the muscles. Your body will feel this warmth all over for as long as 60 minutes after using the bed.

There are plenty of things you can use the therasage rx 8000s for. It is designed to give your body the natural warmth that you could get from the sun, and the heating helps to provide relief from apin. It will bring oxygen to the extremities and joints, and this will greatly increase the rate at which the strains and sprains heal. Another huge benefit of using these beds is the fact that they help to reduce fatigue and stress. They do this by relaxing the body and helping to loosen the muscles. The bed also promotions increased blood circulation.


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