What Is A Tens Unit

What Is A Tens Unit

What is TENSA basic TENS system ?

TENS is a therapy that uses small electrical currents to stimulate nerves and cause a reaction that helps block the transmission of pain signals to the brain. These small currents can be varied in duration and intensity so that you can find the zone of "best benefit" for pain relief.

The Basic TENS System

What is included in a basic TENS system? Most of the very basic systems will include with the TENS unit one set of electrodes, batteries, users guide and a carry case. The batteries are usually considered optional and so they will not always be included. However, I would be look for and favor systems that include them. These companies tend to have better customer service and care more about your satisfaction with their product.

The TENS unit itself has controls that vary the pulse rate, width, and amplitude. The pulse rate or frequency, is basically how often the pulse is triggered. The pulse width or duration is how long you will receive a pulse from the unit and the amplitude is how much energy is transmitted in the pulse.

Tens Unit Electrode Placement

You should always consult your physician before beginning any type of treatment. But as a reminder or clarification, you can use this placement guide which is organized by condition and also gives standard settings for your TENS unit. It comes in .pdf format so you can view it with Acrobats free viewer. You can find it by going to this web url - http://www.energywellnessproducts.com/InformationFiles/EMS_TensPainReliefGuide.pdf

How to Use a TENS Unit

Before beginning any treatment you should take a few moments to learn how to use a TENS unit correctly. I've attached a very good video that gives you all the basics of TENS unit operation.

Precautions for TENS Unit Use

Why Should You Buy a Tens Unit

When your Doctor prescribes the use of a TENS unit your insurer will often want you to rent rather than buy. Rental entails a lot of paper work and hassle to get coverage from your insurer and then at the end of the prescription period you must return the unit irregardless of your possible need for further pain relief. If your Doctor agrees that you still need to continue treatment with the system odds are you will have to go through all that rental aggravation again.

To me, if you have an injury that requires a TENS for pain relief you will probably need it again in the future. If you buy a TENs up front, it's available when you need it. No waiting on authorization from insurance, no hassle with paper work to make a claim.

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