Lower Back Traction Vs Inversion Tables

Lower Back Traction Vs Inversion Tables

Choosing Between Inversion Tables and Nubax Trio

Many people suffer from chronic back pain or sciatica pain. Commonly, this pain is caused by the spinal disks pinching nerves. To help the sufferers of this type of pain, many different spinal decompression methods have been created. You can get these treatments done at the chiropractor's or physical therapist's office, but in time those doctor's bills add up. Fortunately, you have the option to buy devices similar to those the doctor's use, that are made for your home. The two devices that are the most popular are the inversion tables and the Nubax Trio.

Inversion tables use only the individual's body weight and gravity to provide relief to their users. Simply put, you strap in and tilt in an almost completely upside position. Your body weight along with the natural force of gravity pulls you down towards the floor which provides a nice easy traction on the entire spine.

The Nubax is a little different of a device. This device has you lay your mid section on a platform, with your knees bent as if you would be crawling on the floor. Your waist in strapped in and your hands rest on handle bars placed in front of your face. Again, your body weight is the force of this device, but instead of inversion, you lean forward which allows for gentle traction from your shoulder blades down to the bottom of your back.

So you may wonder which one should I choose. When doing a comparison of the Nubax lower back traction vs inversion tables, I found the following points. First, the inversion tables allow for a complete spinal traction, where the Nubax does not provide traction for the upper spine leaving not a good choice for neck pain sufferers. The Nubak however, doesn't put strain on the knees and ankles like most inversion tables do. Also, some people who use inversion tables experience lightheadedness and nausea from being upside down. Inversion tables are also not good for people with high blood pressure since being upside can increase your pressure temporarily. These individuals are best helped with the Nubax Trio.

So in conclusion of my analysis of the Nubax lower back traction vs inversion tables, I have found that they are both very useful machines. Which one you choose depends highly on your back issues and which is more comfortable for the user. Both devices are under $500, so price is not a factor, when choosing.

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