How To Choose The Right Back Pain Relief Device

How To Choose The Right Back Pain Relief Device

It often occurs that with a strenuous job, comes back pain and neck discomfort. Of, course there are other reasons one may experience back pain, such as injury. But most often back pain comes from lack of good posture, weight gain, or sitting or standing for long periods, and not maintaining good posture. With the many different products available for purchase on the market, it is imperative to choose the correct method of relieving back pain. Two highly recommended back pain relief devices are Back Joy and Nubax. Each one has its benefits.

Back Joy

Back Joy is one device that has been on the market for quite some time now. Back Joy is one of the many back pain relief devices out there that is extremely simple to use. It is more geared to those who sit at a desk for long periods of time daily. Over time our posture decreases and we put unnecessary pressure on the pelvic area. Back Joy helps to strengthen and align the spine while sitting and performing daily or repetitive sitting tasks. It can also be used just about anywhere one will be sitting for periods of time. It's light weight, yet sturdy and effective. This would be ideal for someone between 100 to 300 pounds.

Nubax Trio

a Nubax Trio traction deviceThe Nubax Trio is quite popular recently with its easy to use methods. It relieves back pain, without having to lay or stand upside down. It first became popular in Australia. The Nubax would be beneficial to those who have been standing upside down, and wants a change. It will also help those who do not have much time to commit. It takes under 10 mins a day, and it is easy and safer to use for those whom have serious medical issues such as heart problems. It can be used by anyone to decompress the spine and relieve the pain and discomfort. If one is experiencing low back pain, this is the product of choice.

Heat Therapy

A heat therapy device such as a far infrared heating pad is a good choice for pain relief. Far infrared penetrates the skin and warms the muscle and soft tissue not so much by direct heat transferance, but through radiated light that is absorbed by the deep tissues and thus heats up. As the name far infra red suggests the light that is given off is in the invisible light range of infrared and is the type of light given off by a heat source.

As you probably already know, heat has been used for thousands of years to treat pain and improve mobility in injured muscle tissue. Many back injuries and pain are muscle related and so a good heat therapy device makes perfect sence to add to your arsenal of pain relief.

With the many back pain relief devices available, one has to be sure to choose the particular one for his or her needs. There is nothing wrong with many of these devices, but each one is designed for certain people with certain issues. Choosing a device is not hard. Just consider what it is you are looking for and what type of relief is needed. Between Back Joy and Nubax Trio, the differences are one can be used anywhere sitting is involved, whether it be in a couch, computer chair, or even a car, it is readily available, to ensure comfort and alignment. The Nubax, on the other hand is different. One have to isolate themselves and get on the machine. Either way, choosing the best device for you is dependant on what your pain is and where. Then find a product that will relieve your particular pain or problem.

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