How Does The Nubax Trio Really Work

How Does The Nubax Trio Really Work

Nubax trio traction device and logoFor those of you that have experienced the discomfort associated with back pain due to spinal compression, there is help. Help in the form of a revolutionary device called the Nubax Trio. Back pain is often life-altering and sometimes even crippling; creating a cascade of events that can hinder your activities of daily living or, even worse, affect your ability to work. Pain attributed to spinal compression in the past has been treated with various techniques, most notably, inversion. Although the remedy can work, the side effects of inversion treatment, such as vertigo and a drop in blood pressure, are often unwanted. Enter the Nubax Trio with its unique ability to alleviate spinal compression without inversion. How does it work? Simply stated: traction.

A Unique Form of Traction

Long used in the treatment of various skeletal and muscular injuries, traction works by placing pressure on a specific region of the body and gently stretching (or retracting) the compressed joint, tissue, or muscle reducing inflammation and pain. In essence, your body weight is working with gravity to gently decompress your trouble areas. The Nubax trio is a great alternative to standard inversion; requires just 2 to 3 minutes a day of treatment; is lightweight and easy to assemble; and in general, works. So, end your back pain today with a Nubax. Your life will welcome you back.

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