Does The Trigger Point Board Work

Does The Trigger Point Board Work

A Closer Look at Trigger Point and the Trigger Point Board

If you are on the same boat as the people who are asking "does the trigger point board work," you are in the right place. We will refer to several user experiences and we will note the most significant effects of the trigger point board as far as relieving muscle knot pains are concerned. Continue reading to see whether the trigger point board works or not.

The Concept

The concept of the trigger point board is born out of the desire to have a home remedy for muscle knot pains. Muscle knots are defined as the irritated or inflamed muscle spots in the skeletal muscles that have something to do with tight strips of muscle fibers, particularly in palpable nodules. People who specialize on trigger point treatment believe that these knots cause pain. The pain can originate where the muscle knot is, sometimes the pain reach other parts of the body.

Muscle knots can be caused by chronic muscle overload, psychological distress, disease, and trauma to the muscle region caused by accidents and the like. Trigger points or muscle knots are formed only in the muscles. Typically, these points are contractions in a small group of muscle fibers in larger muscle bundles. The contraction can bring tension to the ligaments and tendons connected to the muscles and may cause pain to the joint or other areas that have no muscles.

Treatment of muscle knots or trigger points entails application of deep pressure, pulsed ultrasound, injection, mechanical vibration, dry-needling and low level laser therapy. Trigger points can also be treated without the use of machines through stretching and massage. More specifically, practitioners use their feet, elbow or tools to apply pressure on the trigger points. These treatment methods require the presence of a practitioner.

To let you treat your trigger point at home, Fenix developed the Fenix Rehab System Complete Self Care Kit. This deluxe model kit includes everything that you need to relieve the pain caused by muscle knots. The set has a large and stable platform where you can install 16 interchangeable digits with rubber tips. The product comes with a video and a booklet that teaches you where the trigger points are, as well as how to install the digits and how to lie with your back on the pad properly. See our Fenix trigger point reviews.

Depending on the location of the trigger points, as well as the size of the area where it is located, you will have to use different digit sizes. You have to lie on the set so that pressure is applied on the trigger points. That is how simple it is to use a trigger point board, but does it work?

In, 14 people reviewed the product. The Fenix rehab system was given four and a half stars out of five. It is important to note that satisfied users seldom make reviews. Those who are disappointed in a product are more likely to create a review because they want to vent out their disappointment. That is partly why there are more negative reviews than good ones sometimes.

In this case, most reviews are positive, primarily because the Fenix trigger point board works. According to the reviews, users just need to lie and relax on the pad where the digits are installed. The DVD will teach you which size to use for a particular area so you do not have to worry about getting lost when using the kit. The more relaxed you are, the deeper the pressure on the pegs can penetrate. As a result, you can eliminate the pain caused by muscle knots within just a few minutes.

Furthermore, some users who are sufferers of chronic pain testified that they were able to get relief after using the kit for just a few days. Some users achieved relief from the pain in their arm, in their neck, in their back and in their heads. Whenever a pain strikes, satisfied customers said that they just have to lie on the kit. Taking medication is just a second option.

The Fenix Rehab System Complete Self Care Kit even wowed the customers' chiropractors, not only because of the effectiveness but also for the ingenious design. So if you are asking does the trigger point board work, yes would be the solid answer.

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